Lightning Protection

The lightning and surge protection are hardware protection against lightning with different functionalities to the phenomenon of the lightning strike.

The lightning conductor protects structures against direct lightning strikes. The lightning conductor material is arranged outside on the highest point of a structure. The lightning conductor has the function of capturing lightning strikes are succeptibles directly hitting the structure it protects. The Outdoor Installation Protection against Lightning consists of a sensor called lightning rod, at least oneconductorand a grounded outlet dedicated to each driver. The ground connections must be connected together and all the metal masses in the vicinity. Outdoor installation Protection against Lightningcaptures leads and flows into the ground the electric current from lightning. The arrester protects against indirect effects of lightning strikes. The SPD is the material placed inside of a structure on networks that transport electricity (power, communications, data ...). The arrester has the function to avoid surges in the network it protects. The Inside Installation of Protection against Lightning consists of one or more arresters systems. The arresters act as switches. The arresters close their circuit when surge appears on the network and they divert the current to earth ground. Indoor installation Protection against Lightningduct and flows surges and currents in the electrical grounding
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