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LPS France® is required analysis and constant listening and offers a range of products to meet the specificities of your requirements and standards. Our research and our field teams are in direct relationship to develop the best solutions to protect against lightning. Our responsiveness will enable us to tailor our products to your specific requirements. The team LPS France® not content to sell products but offers project planning service and technical advice to assist you in the selection and implementation of your protection against lightning. Accompanied by our authorized partners, your lightning safety will be guaranteed.





  • Ellips

ELLIPS Early streamer Emitter (E.S.E.) lightning rod is the result of over 10 years of research, laboratory experiments and field tests. Combining advanced materials and technologies, ELLIPS lightning rod is thought out to optimize the whole of your lightning protection system. ELLIPS aesthetics and colors allow its integration within all possible drafts and structures (8 colors available – no effect on operation). We manufacture the ELLIPS ESE lightning rods range and accessories exclusively in France.

Years of experiments and numerous tests in laboratory and in real-world lightning conditions were necessary to develop this Early Streamer Emitter lightning rod. An aluminium alloy and polymeric matérials, all patented, form the major part of our lightning rod. Without any fragile priming system, we designed the most reliable and sustainable product of the market. Called Paraton@ir®, in reference to french language and to its communication abilities, our product is manufactured with utmost care in our workshop in France. We have 4 models of Paraton@ir which differ according to their priming distances: the Paraton@ir 10, the Paraton@ir 25, the Paraton@ir 45 and the Paraton@ir 60. The Paraton@irthe most adapted to your site will be retained by our design office after the study of your project.


  • Contact@ir System

Contact@ir® emitter can be optionally fitted on each Contact@ir® Readyspan> product (Paraton@ir®w range and Compt@ir® lightning strike counters). Then the Contact@ir® emitter permanently communicates the operating status of the Contact@ir® Ready a product as well as its communication liability. The communication is ensured by radio, without any physical link. If used with the Rout@ir® option, it transmits an in-real-time warning when a lightning strike is picked up by the Contact@ir® Ready product and records it. Efficient, reliable and easy-to-use, Contact@ir® system facilitates the control and maintenance of your lightning protection installation. Contact@ir® system favours lightning risk prevention.

Contact@ir® system, if used with Rout@ir® receiver, enables you to check the good working order of your product remotely. If one of your product is struck by lightning, you immediately receive a warning. You are given the lightning strike intensity level on a scale from 1 to 3. It is thus possible to know which type of checking has to be done. Your products equipped with a Contact@ir® emitter permanently communicates by radio waves with your nearby-located Rout@ir®. Datas collected by Rout@ir® are constantly transmitted to the server on which they are recorded and dated without any intervention on your part. The multiplicity of usable networks for the data transmission makes its use possible even in the most isolated places. Datas can be remotely accessed to, from any appliance connected to the internet. At any time and from anywhere, you can peruse the status of you installations.

Contact@ir® System, if used with Dongl@ir® receiver, enables you to check the good working order of your product. The transmission of datas occurs by radio waves, without any physical link between the Contact@ir® emitter and the Dongl@ir® receiver. In this way, Dongl@ir® facilitates and makes safer the diagnosis of a product often difficult to access, the intervening person not being constrained any more to get into a risky situation to reach it. Dongl@ir® is a specific mean of diagnosis. It has to be used nearby the product (80 meters maximum). Within a few seconds, your product is identified and the result of its diagnosis appears on your screen. You then immediately know if an intervention is necessary on your installation or not.


  • Alert@ir XT

Alert@ir XT is a warning system of thunderbolt. The Alert@ir XT system is an exclusive solution designed and manufactured by LPS Franceto meet normative requirements, preserve your warranties and ensure your safety throughout the life of your outdoor installation against lightning. The Alert@ir XT system is a relay of real-time information on the status and history of a lightning rod installation. With Alert@ir XT, the logging of lightning alerts promotes the prevention of deterioration related to the wear of the installation and you can carry out a diagnosis quickly wherever you are. If the diagnosis reveals critical information, your facility must be verified for the preservation of your warranties. By calling on a LPS FranceRegistered Agent, you are assured of compliance with the verification and maintenance procedures.

  • Alert@ir DC

Alert@ir DC is a transmitter for real-time diagnosis of your surge arrester. Over time and lightning strikes your surge arrester, its electronic components eventually get older causing the breakage of the latter, without you noticing it. Your surge arrester no longer performs its function and leaves you unprotected with a risk of potential danger to you and your installation. A daily check would be necessary to detect any malfunction and deal with this lack of security. However, this would imply a workforce available and qualified to understand the source of the breakage of your arrester installation. To alleviate all these concerns, LPS France has developed Alert@ir DC system, which informs you in real time of the status of your lightning protection installation and tells you where the cause of the problem comes from in case of breakage. Thanks to its information, you save time and have the capacity to quickly put back on your surge arrester.

  • Alert@ir TS

Alert@ir TS offers a new way of being informed about the risk of being struck by lightning. Within a radius of more than 40 km, this system captures the arrival of a storm and warns all users. You have time to get safe from a potentially dangerous phenomenon thanks to the time saved by an alert directly sent to your phone.

The lightning strike Counter called Compt@ir® consists of a 6-digit display. Each stroke of lightning is recorded during its passage by incrementing a unit (rightmost digit). Placed on a lightning current down conductor of a Lightning Protection Outdoor Facility (LPOF), the lightning counter is used to display the total of lightning strikes that have struck the IEPF. Regular observation of the display is necessary for a good follow-up of the installation. The lightning counter is essential for the good maintenance of the LPOF (see NFC 17-102: a check will be made after each lightning strike). This regular check requires no movement with the Contact@ir® + Rout@ir® option. Even better, you will be informed in real time of any lightning event. 
Waterproof (IP65), robust and reliable, it runs without any power supply and records positive or negative lightning strikes. It is positioned and works on all types of existing conductors (flat, round, …) thanks to its universal fasteners. Compt@ir® lightning counters comply with current standards (NFC 17-102, NF EN 50164-6).

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