Strike Counter: Compt@ir

The lightning strike counter displays the total number of lightning strikes having struck the External lightning protection system.

Recording of Compt@ir is done in a 100% mechanical way using the energy of the lightning which circulates through the down conductor to record one unit at each lightning strike event (the rightmost number).

Robust and reliable, it operates without any power supply and records positive or negative lightning strikes (6 digits display). Comptair is Watertight (IP65).

Contact@ir Transmitter

To support maintenance procedure and reduce cost operation, Comptair can be setup with Contact@ir radio transmitter which allows testing counter remotely and warn in real-time by Email in case of lightning strike event.

Equipped with a photovoltaic cell "low light energy", “Contactair” just needs 3 hours of light per day to work 24h / 24 and perform 1 diagnosis every 100 seconds.

This diagnosis is forwarded by radio communication to “Contact@ir System” receiver which must be install on site.


  • NFC 17-102 ed 2011
  • EN 50 164 - 6
  • UNE 21186
  • IEC 62 305
  • IP65
  • Authenticity Certificate

Options Contact@ir System:

  • Remote diagnosis
  • Web monitoring
  • Lightning strike Alert by email

Nota: “An outside protection against lightning with a lightning rod must be checked every year and after each lightning strike to ensure its good working order.”

Source NFC 17-102 – September 2011.


Compt@ir should be placed at the most direct lightning conductor above and must comply with EN 50164-6 standard.

Each down-conductor should be provided with a test joint in order to disconnect the grounding for enabling measurements. Test joints must comply with EN 50164-5 standard.

Thanks to its universal fastenings, Comptair can be set up and works on any type of existing down conductor either flat or round (Copper tape, copper wire).



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